The Planning Process

Your event itself is only the tip of the iceberg, the culmination of months of preparation. Our mission is to work closely with you throughout the entire planning process, whether it’s weeks, months, or even years. We want to make sure your event goes perfectly and doesn’t cause you a nervous breakdown on the way.

We offer the option of a service called Gigbuilder to streamline the planning stage. Gigbuilder gives us a centralized location where we can coordinate together and make updates in realtime. You’ll be able to organize your schedule, create a playlist, submit special requests, and do pretty much everything you need to do to make your event a raging success. You’ll even be able to manage your schedule down to the minute and make changes up to the day of the event if you need.

Of course, if you prefer to handle the planning yourself, you can always just send us your own planning documents, and we’ll work off those. Whichever is easiest for you!

For your additional peace of mind, Groove Factory Entertainment carries a two-million-dollar liability insurance policy.

Let’s plan your event