Freeze Frame


Costumed all-80s show, because every party needs a mullet

Freeze Frame found its humble beginnings as a theme-based alter ego of Groove Factory, but has since grown to become our most popular incarnation. Donning a diverse array of your favorite styles from the 80s, we’ll rock you out to the decade’s greatest dance hits, from Top 40 to hair metal, from OG hip hop to new wave, and everything in between.

Freeze Frame can offer full costumes, formal attire with subtle 80s flair, or anything in between. We’re happy to cater to any specific style for your event!

Please peruse our repertoire of songs and check out our live videos to get to know us better. If you’re looking for a broader range of music, our flagship Groove Factory band covers your favorite dance hits spanning seven decades. Or if you want to be the star of your own show, we also offer live band karaoke.

Freeze Frame has taken on so much of a life of its own that it has its own Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to follow us and keep up with Freeze Frame happenings!

Click here for more photos, videos, and recaps from our past Freeze Frame shows.

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