A DJ spins records (well … CDs and MP3s nowadays) and mixes music. That’s great at a dance club, but not enough for your event.

Groove Factory Entertainment’s DJs are also experienced masters of ceremony. Since we coordinate everything with you during the planning process, we will be able to follow your exact timeline during the event itself. We’ll make any announcements you’d like us to make, energize the crowd and get everyone dancing, and also get people focused and attentive when needed.

Our mission isn’t just to be your host. We’ll also be your event shepherd and make sure your everything runs smoothly and on schedule!

If you want someone to “run the show” for you, we recommend booking both a DJ and a live band. Or if you’re on a budget, you can book just a DJ, without the live band. You are free to mix and match as you see fit!

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Music Selection

We have an extensive library of popular songs across various genres. We are constantly updating our music database with the latest hits, and if we don’t have your request, we’ll obtain it for you at no extra cost. If your venue has WiFi, we’ll even download and play any spontaneous requests you or your guests might have. And if you need any personal edits for special dances, grand entrances, or processionals, we can help you with that, too.

Noise Concerns

Concerned about noise ordinances at your venue? Silent Disco is a whole new way to celebrate in a noise-free, but still lively atmosphere. Individual wireless headphones are provided for each of your guests, so even if your venue shuts down the noise, your party doesn’t have to stop.

Silent disco is available in a single-channel or dual-channel option, where your guests can switch between two music sources. Imagine yourself bopping to a hip hop beat while the person next to you on the dance floor rocks out to a metal tune.

Whether you are trying to work around amplified sound ordinances, noise curfews, venue restrictions, or just looking for something new and different, we can serve up your event with the most thunderous quiet you’ve ever seen (but not heard)!

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