Live Band Karaoke

Show Us How It’s Really Done

Have you ever watched a band and thought to yourself, “Pffft, I could totally do that?”

If so, here’s your chance to be the star of the show! Pick your favorite song from our extensive repertoire, and then take center stage and show us what you’ve got. If you need help for any reason, no worries! Our vocalists will be right there with you to guide you along while providing harmonies and backups.

And the best part is, you’re singing with a live band, not a recording. Want to repeat a chorus because everyone just loved it? Miss a cue and need us to lead you in again? No problem! We’ve got your back. No matter how confident — or nervous — you are under the stage lights, our goal is to make sure you look awesome.

Live band karaoke is offered as both a standalone option or as an add-on to any of our band packages. This way, you and your friends can sing all night, or we can take over for part of the night while you dance to your hearts’ content. We provide you with four wireless mics, onscreen lyrics, and an optional 10-foot screen with lyrics projected for the crowd.

Please check out our live videos to get a feel for our sound and style. Or if you prefer to leave the singing to us, you may be interested in our flagship Groove Factory band or Freeze Frame all-80s show.

Unleash your inner rockstar

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