Rocking Out at Eve & Ty’s Wedding

On April 13th, we had the privilege of playing at Eve and Ty’s wedding, in the barrel room of the Ponte Winery in Temecula. Congrats to the bride and groom!


The highlight of our evening was when two bridesmaids came up to us at the end of the night. They asked if we played publicly anywhere, because they had a great time dancing to our music and wanted to see us again.

Sascha replied that, as a matter of fact, we did play regularly in Temecula. She told them about the Temecula Wine & Beer Garden and Franklin’s Cove, and added that we played there as Freeze Frame.

And before Sascha could say another word, one of the bridesmaids blurted out …

“Wait! You guys are Freeze Frame? We LOVE Freeze Frame.”

Guess we’re unrecognizable without our 80s hair.

Here are some official photos from the wedding, with thanks to Vivienne Tyler Photography:

Photos by Vivienne Tyler Photography

Turning the 710 Up to 711

Freeze Frame turned it up to 11* at the 710 Beach Club in San Diego on April 18. As Cherry Bomb, Manila Ice, Frankie Hollywood, Hong Solo, Blitzkrieg Bob, and Tommy Lee Roth, we kept the heads banging all night long in PB**.

Freeze Frame doesn’t currently play too many public shows in central coastal San Diego, so if you’d like to catch us in all our leather, fishnet, and mullet glory, keep an eye out on our calendar. And maybe we’ll see you at our next show at the 711 Beach Club!

* In case you didn’t get it, “turn it up to 11” is a reference to This is Spinal Tap.
** That’s Pacific Beach, for you non-San Diegans.